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dynamic network topology viewer for large topology ?

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hi guys,I have been posting here after a long time,i got a job in a large our network we are running more than 1000 routers consisting of cisco 7000 series routes ,ASR 900 series ,huwaei and alcatel routers .the topology is very large when there is a issue troubleshooting becomes hard as we usually draw topology or view topology in microsoft visio ,also lots of boxes were being added and topology is modified daily,so whenever the topology changes we are doing lots of work manually such as filling in excel sheets and adding changes to the existing diagram ,so this is taking time also when there is a issuesome where in the network constructing the impacted topology and the ip address looks like a time consuming there any solution to easily view the dynamic nature of the topology ?so my question is for referring / viewing large scale topologies during troubleshooting or in relevant scenarios what you are using ?what kind of softwares are you using in your organizations for this purpose ? or i should just limited to static diagrams in pdfs and visio ?

Please help.

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animated video explainer

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