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still a respected author or now passe?

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still a respected author or now passe?


I came across John O'Hara's novel Appointment In Samarra, read it, liked it, and then bought and read Butterfield 8. That, too, was an excellent novel, written by a man who know what he was doing. I then bought a collection of O'Hara's New Yorker short stories, and rate them, too. I haven't yet read any further novels, perhaps put off by reading that they weren't quite as good (although one should judge these things for oneself, of course).

I don't doubt that O'Hara is remembered and respected in academia etc, but just how well known is he by the general reading public. Hemingway is still read and perhaps better known, but what about O'Hara?

I know Liz Taylor won an Oscar for her performance in the film Butterfield 8, but that film was pretty much rubbish sanitised for public consumption compared to O'Hara's novel. The novel was far more subtle. The film? Nothing special, though perhaps 'shocking' at the time it was released.

Please help.

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