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My DSL Modem And Router Setup?

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My DSL Modem And Router Setup?


 I was wondering if my Modem/Router Setup would work with port forwarding and QoS because other users are having problems with a similar setup? I was also wondering if my setup is secure and safe from network attacks? I have DSL so I am using a Siemens Speedstream 6520 Modem/Router as a Modem and a D-Link Router as a Router of course  I have disabled DHCP and wireless settings on my Modem and set a custom IP. For the router I have PPPoE setup and working And I am still able to connect to my Modem thx to the two Ethernet cables coming from the modem to the Router. I have also made sure that I am not logged in my PPPoE on my Modem. And BTW I have been seeing some of my devices connected to my Modem  I don't know if this would cause any problems or not with QoS on my Router. So do you guys think Port Forwarding and QoS will work with this setup? And am I safe using the old 6520 as my Modem is there any back doors I should know about?

Please help.

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