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New Network Admin; Monitoring suggestions?

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New Network Admin; Monitoring suggestions?

Hello everyone,I recently landed a job as a network Admin, and I am trying to make a self sustaining "NOC" for our small business. I am searching for a free software that is pretty easy to use, that will do the following:1) Give me a simple interface that shows red or green for device up/down2) Allow me to monitor traffic usage per switch port of my switches via SNMP3) Email and/or text me on given conditions.4) Installable on Windows OR as a Virtual ApplianceIt would be nice if it also monitored server CPU utilization/disk space etc.I am toying with SpiceWorks, but not sure if its quite what I'm looking for.I really like Paessler PRTG but thats not free.Does what I'm looking for exist?

Please help.

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