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RFC2544 & RFC6598 IP-addresses?

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RFC2544 & RFC6598 IP-addresses?

Hi,Looong story short; we ran out of RFC1918 IP-addresses due to new network design and some very bad habits not not planning and documenting the use of IP-addresses earlier, so the use is quite unknown and heavily fragmented.We had to find some new IP-addresses that could be used in an internal "DMZ"; basically a VRF that holds services that other VRF's can use.We found two IP-scopes:RFC2544 - - we have run into some quite weird problems, where our Microsoft Server is not able to promote a domain controller; existing in one VRF with IP-address in and new one in other VRF with IP-address IP-address. After extensive troubleshooting with different routing scenarios, with and without firewalls etc. everything points to an error in the network; the latest test was a scenario in which everything was located on the same server (virtual hosts, routing etc.) and the traffic don't touch the actual network, and everything worked perfectly.The weird part is that wireshark dumps etc. don't show any packet loss, re-transmits etc. and we have full reach ability between hosts. So have anyone tried to use any of those IP-scopes in a production environment? What were your experience? Any problems?

Please help.

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