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Router upgrade from Apple Airport Extreme (5th Gen)?

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Router upgrade from Apple Airport Extreme (5th Gen)?


I have the above-referenced router for about 6 yrs, so it's time for an upgrade. Thinking about one of the mesh systems, though not sure my house warrants it. House is about 2,500 sqft on 3 levels, however cable modem is on the top floor at one end of the house, due to point of entry and the fact that this is my home office. Most wifi usage would be at the other end of the home on lower floors. Remote video devices (TiVo, Apple TV, etc.), hooked up via MoCA, so I need wifi for a few laptops, tablets and and phones. My question is would a 2 device mesh set up (like a Netgear Orbi) be overkill, or would I be better off with a standard higher end wifi router?

Please help.

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