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Says Internet Access, but no actual access to the internet?

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Says Internet Access, but no actual access to the internet?


Suddenly, my Win 10 PC won't functionally connect to the net.
In the system tray the appropriate icon displays the name of the network and says "Internet Access", and if I run ifconfig from command prompt I see the proper service provider and DNS suffix.
But If I open a browser, I just get a spinner waiting to connect.  no error, no timeout, just waiting.
Programs that require internet access are likewise unable to run properly.
Things I've tried:
-Wifi and wired.
-different location (as in, another house using their internet)
-pretty thorough scans for malware, adware, browser hijacks, search engine redirects, unwelcome proxy settings - everything comes up clean.
-windows's internet troubleshooter
What gets me crazy is that everything comes back clean as if all is well, when it isn't.  Which makes me feel like I'm missing something really obvious.

Please help.

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