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What's it going to take for WWE to admit there's a problem?

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What's it going to take for WWE to admit there's a problem?


WWE was doing terrible ratings, terrible buy-rates and terrible attendance, Vince was finally forced to admit to his roster that his ideas weren't working and he needed help coming up with a new game plan. This led to the Attitude Era and #boomperiod. Hell, Vince went so far as to open an episode of Raw by stating he would no longer insult the intelligence of his audience.

Twenty-some years later, WWE's ratings for their A-show are struggling to stay above a 3.0, they can't sell out arenas except for Wrestlemania and other occasional PPVs anymore, and their Network subscriptions, which were just shy of two million earlier this year are now floating around 1.5 million. The company reportedly made more money this year than they ever have before, and yet barely kept any of it after all of their expenses, forcing them to go into cost-cutting mode. They currently have one of the most diverse rosters since the Attitude Era, and have easily the most overall talent, and yet their product feels even more stale than it did ten or even five years ago before we got this big influx of talent.

But despite all of this, there really doesn't seem to be any indications of a shift in direction for the company as a whole. Sure, we've seen the rise of NXT and restarting the brand split and the cruiserweight division, but those things really haven't helped the state of the company in any meaningful way. And if the current landscape of WWE isn't enough to make Vince admit that something needs to change, then what does need to happen? I know there's always outside competition, but unless New Japan takes off in a big way here in the States, I don't see that ever happening again, especially after the spectacular failure of TNA. Will things change if USA Network tries to lowball them during next year's negotiations? Will shareholders start making demands if revenue falls below a certain point? What would happen if the WWE Network tanked due to money issues and dropped subscriber numbers? Or will we simply not see any significant change until Vince is no longer in charge?

Please help.

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