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why would you try write another?

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why would you try write another?


I was in my local branch of Waterstones' bookshops today, looking at the new hardback, nonfiction books. There must have been about 100 of them, each a great, scholarly piece of work. Then there were all the new paperback non-fiction, the new literary fiction. This was in the front part of the shop. Behind that, you had the established literary fiction. Behind that was the crime, sport, young-adult, science fiction and fantasy shelves. Adjacent was the children's section and upstairs was the rest of the non-fiction. This is quite a big branch, but it is not the biggest, and it does not contain all the books I want to read. I thought you would have to be mad to try and write a book. Some of those new hardback non-fiction books looked very interesting, but how many readers will they get?

Please help.

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